It is pretty great that Betty Makoni has been nominated in the top ten of the CNN Heroes for this year (2009).
We need people with such high standing in civil society to be honoured.
Yet i am disturbed by some people who have come to me as the un-elected Prime Minister to say that Betty is under fire from some of the comrades from our very own country.
One journalist is actually said to have mentioned that Betty is riding on the back of the campaign she held for Taremeredzwa Mapungwana, the girl she helped raise money for medical expenses to the United Kingdom, in order to gain recognition.
I shall hasten to set the record straight.
It is a known fact that the nomination for the award was made by my good old media anthropologist friend Robert Mukondiwa.
I had a chat with the esteemed gentleman.
He sent in the nominations at the beginning of the year. It is on public record when the nominations closed.
Therefore, all those who allege that these two events, the nomination and the case of the poor little girl, are peddling hogwash.
It is sad that a culture of wanting to pull someone still abounds so ferociously amongst Zimbabweans.
Now they are peddling falsehoods against the girl from Makoni.
When Betty was raped, no-one stood up for her. When she was deprived, no one stood up for her. When she stood and dusted herself up from the rape scene, no one cared a tad. When she said ‘let us fight rape’ no one wanted to listen. When CNN said, ‘come let us honour you’ everyone said, ‘Oh no… she is riding on the back of an ill girl Taremeredzwa!’ For the record again, the two events are not related and people should stop lying. It makes for sad reading when i hear that even an esteemed writer as Wonder Guchu is trying to make this false link between the nomination of Betty for CNN in March and the efforts to help Tare just two months ago. Musadaro vanhu vangu. Tingaende kuma elections muchinyepa kudayi? Aita chake ndihombarume. Listen to the words of your Prime Minister. If you do not agree with someone being made into a hero, walk away. Do not try to throw muck at someone. If you throw shit the way of someone, remember there is shit leftover in your palms!
Faithfully-your honourable Premier

Betty Makoni

Betty Makoni


State visit

I have just returned from a five day visit to neighbouring Botswana and found that the people thhere are actually lovely people. This is my second visit to that country this year. The girls are lovely and the men are often friendly and respectful. However, they always have a cold spot reserved for foreigners, but nothing i could not handle. Although their economy is in the doldrums too and things are shooting upward pricewise, their situation is a million miles better than the situation my people are going through in our economy. Their life is a hell of a lot cheaper than back here. I was at the airport and already thinking of the opportunities over in Botswana. Its a pity they do not need a Prime Minister. I could have appointed myself their Premier too. I guess i have to get back to ruling my own country and people here in Zimbabwe.

I have finally arrived in my home country of Zimbabwe, where i have conferred myself with the position of the nation’s Premier.
From here, where my humble Prime Minister’s office lies, my optimism is rather dampened.
For a start, the poverty here is truly tangible, endemic even, and I have sunk to the levels of my people. I feel their pain, and the sting of an emptey pocket.
Yes, this is not a nation, but a state in the true sense of the word. A nation state, a state of mind, a state of poverty, a state of damnation. Damn-Nation!
But still, maybe i can just wait and see. After being away from this nation and after governing it from a remote mocation, am i sound enough to judge the wealth or otherwise of its people? Maybe not.
One thing remains certain though. The shelves in the shops may be full but the people’s pockets are empty. A few months ago, the shelves were empty but the people’s pockets were full…of worthless rubbish masquerading as a currency. Que Ironia, my limited Spanish tells me this situation is! Que Ironia!

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