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I have finally arrived in my home country of Zimbabwe, where i have conferred myself with the position of the nation’s Premier.
From here, where my humble Prime Minister’s office lies, my optimism is rather dampened.
For a start, the poverty here is truly tangible, endemic even, and I have sunk to the levels of my people. I feel their pain, and the sting of an emptey pocket.
Yes, this is not a nation, but a state in the true sense of the word. A nation state, a state of mind, a state of poverty, a state of damnation. Damn-Nation!
But still, maybe i can just wait and see. After being away from this nation and after governing it from a remote mocation, am i sound enough to judge the wealth or otherwise of its people? Maybe not.
One thing remains certain though. The shelves in the shops may be full but the people’s pockets are empty. A few months ago, the shelves were empty but the people’s pockets were full…of worthless rubbish masquerading as a currency. Que Ironia, my limited Spanish tells me this situation is! Que Ironia!


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